Hello, and thanks for visiting my blog. My name is Jackie – but my husband and friends call me Jack. I am a wife, mama, nana, and follower of Jesus. I am a Carmel, California wanna-be-living-there kind of gal, but I am stuck in Minnesoooota where my husband and family own and operate an accounting business.
I spend lots of time hanging out with Jesus and studying the Word, and when I’m not doing that you will pretty much find me hanging around with my husband and my family. My daughter and daughter in laws are my closest friends and I love their kids like my own. When I’m not doing that, I am out having coffee and lunch dates with my friends. The golden years truly are golden.
I enjoy reading books and usually have three or four going at one time. I have never written a book, but my writings are tucked in the pages of two published books so I guess you could call me – published.
I love blogging. It’s a way for me to process my journey and wrestle through tough questions of faith. I believe that Jesus is both grace and truth. And I believe in the kind of faith that transforms lives.
If it wasn’t for Jesus in my life – I would be an utter mess of a person. He has saved me, made me, and loved me through my most cherished life moments and through the dark moments of cancer.
I don’t just believe in Jesus – I know that He lives. For 50 years He has been faithful, constant, ever-present and He is as real as my husband sitting next to me. To me, it is simply common sense to follow Jesus and I will try to show you why.
Click on my blog to read my posts and click subscribe if you would like them to drop into your email. Feel free to contact me – I will try to get back in a timely manner. Please poke around, visit often, and stay while.