I love to read. At any given moment I am working on two to three books at one time.  One fiction and one or two inspirational books – most often from a Christian perspective.  I haven’t done very well sharing my favorite books with you – I promise I will try to do better!

Here are a couple that I really, really loved.


I underlined almost every sentence in this book!  Nicki Koziarz is funny, self-deprecating, and motivating all at once.  If you have ever been tempted to quit on a relationship, a diet, a job, or anything!  – this book is for you.  Love. Love. Loved it.



Uninvited is for every woman.  I resonated with Lysa TerkKeurst when she shared how rejection from her childhood contributed to sometimes feeling as though she doesn’t belong.  You might not think you will relate to this – but if you are a woman I promise that you will.

– Another funny author sharing deep things of the soul.



Cynthia Ruchti has won my heart and has moved into my list of “Top 10 Favorite Authors”.  (possibly even top 5!)  As Waters Gone by is a delightful fiction book that took hold of my heart and stayed there.  Being from Minnesota, I enjoyed the fact the story takes place on the north shores of Lake Superior.

Cynthia has a delightful writing style saying things like, “The breeze that blew in carried away bits of debris clinging to her soul.” And –  “No matter what’s going on in life, you get a sunset like that and you think, ‘I guess I’ll keep going another day or two.’ ”  And ,”Someone would have to break rank and do the right thing.  Yield to the other.”  And – and – and!  I can’t say enough.  Don’t miss this one!



Well, it turns out that Beth Moore is equally good at writing fiction as she is writing Bible studies, inspirational Christian books, and public speaking.  I loved this book from start to finish.  A little mystery, a little intrigue, interesting characters who grow with the story …all set in New Orleans so the reader gets a little taste of that!

At first I couldn’t detect Beth Moore’s unique personality and it did not seem to fall into the category of Christian fiction.  But after turning the last page, it was evident that Beth had been there and so had God.   I am saving this in my stack of  “read again someday” books.


I hope you enjoy these as much as I did!

Until next time,