I came down with a lousy cold today and didn’t have the brain power to write a blog.  But just to continue with my commitment to blog daily, I decided to share this short video with you and I think it might get your brainpower going….it might be the most valuable 5 minutes of your day.

It’s a powerful perspective narrated by Francis Chan.  As you watch, try to grasp the gravity of what it really means.  This is truth. 

I couldn’t get the link to show up better – sorry about that – but just click below and it will take you there.

Timeline of Your Life

So…what did you think?  It sure got me thinking.  And how exactly do we live for the long end of the rope?  It’s pretty easy.

Just get to know Jesus.

”Life is too short and eternity is too long to live it without God.”

Until next time,