I was studying the other day and discovered an amazing translation of a very significant word.


Jesus’ last word was “tetelistai.” It is the same word as the “asah” in Hebrew. It means “to complete something.” It also means “to create.” And, it means  “to make war “ or “avenge.”

When Jesus shouted it out it meant, “The debt is paid in full. I have avenged and made war. Come forth, new creation!” He said all of that, all that the cross meant to mankind, all wrapped up in one word- Asah!

So, when Jesus was dying on the cross for my sins and sickness, for my eternal soul… He was declaring war against the enemy. He was declaring under no uncertain terms that all he had done through his life, death, and resurrection was now being completed and would avenge for all the separation and sorrow of sin and sickness.

I love this! Jesus was saying, “Enough!- I’m Victor! Now, new life can come forth and promise of hope and eternal health and joy are now ours. “

Knowing this gives me assurance. We can almost “hear” Jesus declaring ASAH over Jackie and over cancer and over the fear, pain, frustrations, and doubt that infirmity can bring.

Asah! New life, Come forth! There was another time in history when Jesus declared “Come forth!” He was telling Lazarus, a four-day-old dead friend to come out of his tomb. And you know what? Lazarus came forth! But, he couldn’t unwrap himself from the grave cloths. He needed his friends to help.

It would have been considered “unclean” to touch a four-day-old dead body…but here was Lazarus- ALIVE…and he needed freedom from the death shroud. Jesus gave instruction for the friends to help release him.

Friends, Jesus is giving us a proclamation. He has won. He has won over hell, death, and the grave. He has won the victory over cancer and sickness, and every kind of sorrow, and pain. And you know what else? He invites us to be a part of each others’ journeys. We can help Jackie take off those things which try to tie her down and try to cause her to be paralyzed. But, OH NO! Not going to happen.

We’ll be like the four friends who carried their buddy on the mat and tore the roof off to lower him into the presence of Jesus to be healed. Jesus not only healed his paralysis, he forgave his sin.  What a privilege… to “carry” Jackie to the very Presence of Jesus. So,

Will you join me?

Father God, In the Name of Jesus, we thank-You for bringing our dear friend through such a crisis of health.  We thank-You for giving her courage and hope and joy in the journey.  We thank-You for surrounding her with family and friends who love her.  We praise You for the victory over sin, sickness, and specifically over cancer.  Thank-You that nothing is impossible for You. 

We thank-You that You did not give Jackie a spirit of fear, but of love, power, and a sound mind!  We thank-You for giving us dominion and authority over sickness and disease.  And we pray that every cancer cell shall shrivel up and die at the cellular level.  We pray there will be no reproduction of any type of unhealthy cell or tissue in Jackie’s body.  We pray that only healthy cells will replicate. 

Lord, we ask boldly that our friend will not be tormented by lying thoughts about her future, but she will have freedom and peace and joy in her mind, body, and spirit.  We ask that she would be strengthened by Your Word and that she would continue to cling to You and trust Your Goodness. 

No matter the report, You love Jackie and You are perfecting everything concerning her.  Father, we ask that her family would also sense Your presence like never before.  We pray they would not entertain negative thoughts or give fear any place of authority in their lives. 

You are the Author and The Finisher of Jackie’s faith and You are renewing her strength.  You are rejuvenating and revitalizing her and by Your Spirit, You breathe Your life into her being.  Your Holiness and righteousness reign.  Your kindness and compassion hold and lead her.

Thank-you, Jesus that she knows You so intimately. 

Your Word tells us that You inhabit the praises of Your people.  In You is fullness of Joy.  So we praise You and worship You and thank-you for all you have already brought Jackie and Eric through…and their kids…and their grandchildren.  We have already seen miracles in their family.  We are so grateful and we acknowledge that You are the One Who has led this family every step of the way. 

Surely Your Goddness and Mercy will follow Jackie all the days of her life. 

Lord, awaken us, remind us, and inspire us to continue to pray for the Eastmans and may we glean understanding of the privilege it is to join in united prayer for our friend, Jackie.

It’s such an overwhelming reality that You, the God of Heaven and earth allow us, mere mortals, to partner with You in intercession.  Jesus, Thank-You for praying for every one of us.  Thank-You that as we pray for Jackie, You are praying for her, and for us too.  Your love is matchless.  Your ways are perfect and the life of Jesus demonstrated Kingdom dynamics of health and wholeness and healing and deliverance, and freedom. 

Our hearts are overflowing with gratitude for Your Grace. 

Thank-You that You are a God Who never sleeps.  You are ever watching over Your Word to perform it. 

Thank-You for Jesus’ sacrificial love and agony for us.  He has gone before us that He could complete His mission and avenge with His justice!

 We are humbled and blessed by the privilege of praying for our friend.  May her life be extended and may she live and continue to tell of Your Goodness.  In Jesus’ Name, Amen!


The lame man took up his mat and walked. The blind man walked away with sight. The deaf man’s ears were opened. The dead were raised. The sinner and lost were found.

Lord, as Christmas approaches, may we thank-You for coming to earth in the flesh of man, so you would pay  our penalty and we could live eternally with You and we could live in freedom, peace, hope, and joy…even through the trials of life.

The joy of the Lord is our strength! 

Until next time,