The Bible amazes me.  It teaches us deep and powerful spiritual truths from the Lord,  and at the same time it teaches us common sense wisdom that can have a tremendous impact on our daily lives.

The verse I came upon today is a subtle, short little verse, and it’s message could change the course of our marriages, our friendships, our work environment, and our faith.

The verse is found in Song of Solomon 2:15 –

The Song of Solomon is a book where Solomon describes his love for a woman. The book is a poem written about a man and a woman, and some people think it is also a metaphor for Christ and the church.

This verse gives us a powerful warning that little things can ruin our lives.  It’s the little things that can erode a marriage and it’s the little things that draw us away and distract us from the Lord.

Little foxes can seem – little.  But when one little fox sneaks in, and another, and then they stick around…they can become a dangerous threat to our relationships and our lives.  While we might not let a big fox in…the little foxes can creep into our lives without us even noticing.

In marriage, there can be little foxes of being a little self-centered, a little bit impatient, a little bit annoyed, or a little bit neglectful.  Little foxes can be a little tone of voice, a little eye roll,  a little lack of respect, and a little need to control.

There are little foxes of a sharp tongue,  crabbiness, or nitpicking.  They are the little bit of complaining to friends, and the little amount of effort that is extended to the marriage.

None of these little foxes are big in themselves,  but the Bible tells us to catch the little foxes before they ruin our vineyards.

Little foxes eat at the marriage and leave it in a broken state.

It’s rarely the BIG event that destroys a marriage…it’s the hundred little things that chip away at the marriage and then the one little thing – or the big thing – finally breaks it into a million pieces.

It’s the little things, the little compromises, and the little distractions that cause us to take our eyes off the Lord.  It’s the little foxes that steal from our lives and keep us from knowing Jesus in His fullness.

So…if little foxes can destroy a marriage or stunt our walk of faith…wouldn’t it also be true that if we catch the little foxes and make some little adjustments – it might make an immense and colossal difference?

In marriage – instead of the little foxes, we could adjust our thinking and take notice of all little things that our spouses do that are good, kind, helpful, and exceptional.  And not just take notice – but make mention of it.  Instead of complaining, we can compliment and express our appreciation.

Marriage takes two intentional people who are committed to making it work.  But lets start with – me…and let’s start with you.

Let’s have the little conversation that might stretch into the evening and make the biggest difference.  Let’s do the little things that will make our spouse happy.  Instead of our marriage being a little part of our life, let’s make it our first priority.

And let’s think about taking a little time alone…just the two of us.

It’s the little changes that make a big difference.

A little prayer throughout the day can engage armies of angels into the situation. Little moments spent with the Lord can change us more  than every good habit and every good intention.

Catch the little foxes…

Until next time,