I love to read.  I mean I realllly love to read.  Since many of us have a little more time on our hands right now, I thought I would share some of my family’s all-time favorite books with you.

Think about it,  quarantine = guilt free reading.  

For those of us in quarantine, right now is a rare moment when we actually have the time to prop up our feet, relax, and read a book that will take us somewhere else outside the walls of our homes.

Let’s get started.

First on the list is a book by Susie Larson. I think every woman should read this one. I don’t know that there is another book that I have underlined more than this one.

Almost everyone in our family has read Deadline. My husband and I read it back in 2009 and recently picked it up to read again. That’s one of the great things about growing older…it was all new to us and it was just as good the second time around – ha!

Deadline is a fictional story based on scripture and it gives us a little peek into what the unseen world might look like. It will grab you in the first chapter and will be hard to put down. This is one of those books that will have a tremendous impact on your life and the way you view faith.

Another great read by Randy Alcorn. This is a fictional book based on real life experiences in China. It is a profound story and reveals the kind of faith that we should all aspire to. I think all the guys in our family would say this is one of their top 5 reads.

Frank Perretti’s This Present Darkness will blow you away as it reveals the tremendous power that prayer has on life events. After reading this book you will find yourself praying all the time and anytime of the day. You will be changed.

Ishbane Conspiracy is a sort of modern day “Screwtape Letters” for young adults. Each of my kids read this during their high school/college years and they would tell you it had an enormous impact on their faith.

This would be a fabulous book for the “at home” school regimen during quarantine…maybe the most important book your kids will read this year. Parents will enjoy it too!

Lord Foulgrin’s Letters is the adult version of a modern day “Screwtape Letters”. The overview describes it as a “gripping masterpiece” and I couldn’t agree more. Another life changing book!

This is one of the best daily devotionals I have ever read. This is not a “fluffy” or light read. Kay Arthur packs powerful scriptural truths in just a few pages for each daily reading. It’s a great tool to learn what the Bible actually has to say rather than what the culture will lead you to believe it says. If you want to grow deeper in your walk, you’re going to love this one.

I gave this daily devotional to all the guys in our family and they have each commented on how much they have gotten out of it. If a guy enjoys sports, I think they will relate to this daily challenge for an Uncommon Life.

(Sorry – for some reason I was unable to download this like the others.)

When our kids were young, our family used Sticky Situations for our daily devotionals and it looks like there have been many more versions written since that time. It’s short and it’s simple, and a great tool to promote conversation and to read scripture out loud together. It would also be a fun one for grandmas to use with their grandkids!

A Time to Dance is a great story about a couple’s journey from their early years of dating into their older years as the kids are leaving home. It reveals the many pitfalls that can occur in marriage and will cause you to be more intentional about your own.

This is Beth Moore’s first attempt at fiction and its fabulous! You won’t even be able to hear her familiar “voice” in the pages and you will become completely lost in the story. When you finish the book you will be sad that you’re done.

The words from this author sustained me during my journey with cancer. Lisa TerKeurst tells her story of being hit by wave upon wave of challenging life circumstances that at times threatened to take her under. She shares just enough of her story to understand the place where she is coming from, along with words of hope that will help you to endure your own personal storms.

I.LOVED. THIS. BOOK. This book may have grown me in my faith more than any I have ever read. (Besides the Bible, of course) If you are in a time of Crushing, you will gain new eyes to see what God is doing in this season. I came to understand more fully what John 15:2 means to us as believers. Wow – what new perspectives I gained.


Well that’s my story for today! If you have some “must reads” of your own, would you please share? I am always looking for a good book to read!


Until next time,