Hello, my name is Jackie, and thanks for visiting my blog today.

This is my family. This is my life. While I don’t have a long list of accomplishments, if I had to pick one, this would be it. My two sons and their wives are to the left of me and my husband, and my daughter and her husband are on the right. We have seven grandkids now and I can hardly believe that the two of us have grown into a family of fifteen.

These are the people who made me who I am today. They speak into my life and make me a better person. They inspire me in my faith.

My husband and I will be married 40 years this summer and we both believe our marriage was part of God’s plan for our lives. I have lots to say about marriage and family and you will see plenty of that in my blogs.

I was an office manager for a dental office for 11 years and before that I was a mom at home. I have led a dozen Bible Studies and presently I am leading a group from church that is one of my favorites. It is a group of women from all different ages and stages of life who are earnest about growing deeper in their faith. They dig deep and they ask tough questions. I love that. In my blogs, I will also be digging deep and asking tough questions.

Probably the only thing about me that is somewhat unique is that I have been a journaler since I was in high school. I have dozens of journals stashed around the house where I have written prayers, thoughts, sermon notes and quotes from the books I read.

And now – my blog has become my journal. This is the place where I record my faith journey, share the things I am learning, and where I wrestle my faith. There is something about putting it into words that makes it more meaningful to me. I hope it brings some meaning to you also.

Enough of me! Please stop by often to visit my blog and if you would like future posts sent to your email be sure to subscribe.

Thanks for coming by!